Regarding Jonah…

I just finished listening to the audible version of Timothy Keller’s latest book titled The Prodigal Prophet. I’m actually most of the way through listening to it again.

It’s that good.

And that convicting.

As when I read Radical by David Platt, I started guarded. I follow Keller on Twitter and, although I know him to be a fair-minded person, some of his tweets seemed… biased. While I can understand biased tweets from most, Keller always struck me as above-the-fray.

We need more above-the-fray in the church today. Amen?

I suspected my evaluation of Keller’s tweets could be due to my minuscule Twitter participation these days. After listening to The Prodigal Prophet – guards up and everything – I had little to be concerned about.

Keller remains above-the-fray in my humble opinion. His insight and message spring from Christ and Him crucified, as ever. Is his message convicting? It is. His message is also clarifying and goes to the heart of our highly-politicized US culture in 2018.

“Who is my neighbor?” Keller repeatedly asks, and then answers from the book of Jonah.

I love that he acknowledges the fish in the room (or the story, or the ocean) early on and then moves on, rightly labeling it a distraction. there’s so much more to the story. More – and important – lessons to unpack and apply.

I recommend The Prodigal Prophet to all Christians and pre-Christians.