Prayers for 2018

I learned some things in 2017; some things about God, myself, and others. Some of what I learned was awesome and awe-inspiring. Some of what I learned broke my heart and broke me in ways I didn’t know I could be broken.

I often respond to posts on social media with, “Praying.” I never post that I am praying without, in fact, praying. I also don’t post on social media every time I pray about something.  Does prayer make me holier than thou? Nope. Am I informing God of something He doesn’t know when I pray? Not according to God’s Word (He knows what I ask before I ask it).

Then why all the prayer?

That was my lesson for 2017: Depend on God.

I depend on God. For everything. That was my lesson for 2017: Depend on God.

Here are some prayers for 2018:

  1. Hear our prayers.
  2. Thank You for Your many blessings.
  3. Let there be peace on earth.
  4. Reveal Yourself to those who do not yet know You.
  5. Draw those who knew you, call their hearts to return to You.
  6. Grant our leaders wisdom.
  7. Heal Your church.
    1. Lead us to unity.
    2. Fill us with Your Spirit.
    3. Let all that we say and do bring You glory.
    4. Strengthen and encourage and embolden our teachers and shepherds.
    5. Convict us of our sin, help our unbelief, grant us the courage to repent of our sins, renew a right spirit within us, and let us be salt and light to our cultures.
    6. Let others see You in us.
    7. Guide our steps, especially the very next step.