Mixing Faith with Life, Part 1

Mark 2:1-12 contains a story that is stunning. Jesus lived in Capernaum and he returned home. A crowd showed up and people who arrived later could not hear Jesus preaching. Four men showed up with a paralyzed friend. They couldn’t reach Jesus through the crowd, so they created a hole in the roof of Jesus’ house and lowered their friend.

Think about the scene for a minute.

What was that like for Jesus? He’s preaching – doing what God sent Him to do – and these guys show up and create a large hole in His roof! How would you or I respond? I think I’d be distracted by people tearing a hole in my roof while I’m trying to work. I’d probably holler at them, “Hey! What gives? Can’t you see I’m trying to get some work done here?”

What was this like for the people in Jesus’ house? They’d come to hear Jesus preach; to learn about God. And these idiots are trying to tear down His house!  How rude. I imagine some saying, “We showed up early enough to get a good seat, buddy. You don’t get to tear down the house because you can’t see or hear!”

Jesus had a different response. He didn’t see vandals, he saw faith.

Faith can be messy. Sometimes it’s loud and inconvenient. Faith bothers some people – even some people of faith! People complained, and they had some right and some reason to complain (we’ll cover that later).

Jesus? He had a plan. The hole in the roof? Part of the plan.

Faith is disruptive.

In an upcoming post, we’ll see Jesus Himself be disruptive. He disrupted my life, that much is certain. He wants to disrupt your life, too. I’m sometimes asked, “Why don’t you create separate social media accounts for posting your religious thoughts, Andy?” It’s because Jesus’ love motivates me to write and work and think and share. Someone reading this post will eventually be disrupted by Jesus, maybe that someone is you.